Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour consultations are provided to clients as a way to help owners deal with the behaviour problems in their pets.

It is recommended that a complete physical exam and bloodwork (CBC, chemistry screen and T4) be done before the consultation to rule out any underlying medical problem(s). In the case where cats are inappropriately eliminating, these patients will also require FeLV/FIV testing and urinalysis. A copy of the medical file is required prior to the consultation. If it is possible to safely obtain video of the behaviour, it can significantly help with the diagnosis and treatment.

These appointments are made by the owners, not the referring veterinarian.

A consult form must be filled out by the owner and received by Foothills Animal Hospital prior to an appointment being made. There will also be a $75 deposit taken upon booking.

  • Canine
  • Feline
  • If a form is required for another species, please contact the Foothills Animal Hospital directly.

Prior to the appointment, Dr Logan will review the consult form. During the consultation, the pet will be observed and pertinent information from the consult form will be clarified. A diagnosis will be made and specific behaviour modification exercises will be reviewed. Handouts are provided to aid the owners at home. All exercises will be adapted to fit into your daily life. The exercises are also based on gentle methods so as to help repair the human-animal bond.

Following the appointment, a report will be sent to your regular veterinarian outlining the appointment and behaviour modification exercises. Review sessions are set up on an as needed basis that will depend on the pet's response to treatment. These sessions may also include working with the owner and pet outdoors so they can be coached on utilizing the behaviour modification exercises in "real life situations" 

Dr. Logan's Interest in Behaviour

Dr. Logan has always had a special interest in behaviour and mental health issues in animals. In 2007, 2012, 2013, 2017 and 2019, Dr. Logan attended the NAVC Institute on behaviour. The NAVC Institute is unique in that it is a week long, in-residence form of continuing education. No more than 40 people can attend. The behaviour course is led by Dr. Karen Overall who is a board certified veterinary behaviourist. The hands-on, interactive course is the only one of its kind in North America. In 2013, Dr. Logan did an on-line course from the Centre for Veterinary Education through the University of Sydney, Australia. This intense ten month course on animal behaviour is taught by Dr. Kersti Seksel who is board certified in veterinary behaviour in Australia, North America and Europe. Dr. Logan has also attended the Veterinary Behaviour Symposium organized by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and the American College of Veterinary Behavior almost yearly since 2003. This aids in her ability to stay current on the latest scientific findings. Dr. Logan periodically goes to the University of Calgary to instruct the first year veterinary students on dog and cat behaviour.

A passion since childhood

Dr. Logan's mother, Heather A. Logan, has run Cloverfield Animal Behaviour Services for 35+ years. This was a boarding kennel for 50 dogs and a breeding kennel of Labrador Retrievers. Dr. Logan has been training dogs since 1980 for competition obedience and conformation. Since 1992, she has been using operant conditioning – behaviour analysis (a.k.a. clicker training) on dogs as well as a number of other species (llamas, miniature donkeys, horses, goats, tigers, giraffes, grizzly bears and chickens).



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  • "Always friendly and courteous"
    donm, Okotoks
  • "Everyone is very professional, friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. Overall we are very pleased with the service and care Pete received and would recommend taking your fur babies to see them anytime."
  • "Excellent service.Friendly staff.
    Show kindness and consideration of the animals."
    aliceh, Okotoks
  • "I was so amazed on how accommodating they were and they staff was friendly and helpful."
    Allisonk, Calgary
  • "The staff at Foothills are always very accommodating and super friendly, our dogs feel very comfortable when we take them into the clinic as well, that means and tells us the most about the total atmosphere at Foothills Animal Hospital."
    Dong Okotoks

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