Annual Wellness

Annual comprehensive physical exam for animals less than 8 years. Our examinations are thorough to give us a clear picture of your best friend’s health. Annual physical exams are the cornerstone of veterinary preventative health care. Biannual physical exams are recommended for older pets.

Our staff can assess your pets risk for internal and external parasites and customize a deworming policy for your pets need.

We offer vaccinations tailored to your pet’s specific needs and lifestyle. 

Pet Supplies

The Ultimate Puppy Toolkit is a set of booklets that helps owners with their young puppies. Among other things, it covers socialization, housetraining, obedience, prevention of common problems such as chewing inappropriate items and nipping.

The gentle leader is a very easy to use face harness for dogs. Our staff is trained on how to properly fit and use this fantastic harness. It is lovingly known in our hospital as the “external brain”.

We carry a variety of nutritional supplements, interactive toys, Kong products, and treats. We also have a catalogue owners can flip through, and can special order nearly any pet product you could wish for! 

Online Retail Catalogue

The link below will take you to an online retail shop where you can select from many different products for your pet. 

Once you have browsed the site, orders can be placed through email or by printing your order and dropping it off at the hospital. The products you have chosen will be delivered to Foothills Animal Hospital, usually the next day! We will contact you when orders are ready for pick up. 

Click here to access the online shop

Nutrition and Diet Counselling

We carry Hill’s Veterinary Diets and a selection of Royal Canin Veterinary Diets. Special ordering of other food is available as well. We can often get next day delivery in case you have accidentally run out of your pet’s favorite food.

Our staff is consistently doing continuing education on animal nutrition to aid you in choosing the best food for your pet. We schedule nutritional appointments to help you with this important decision.

We carry a wide variety of supplements to help you pet whether it be for mild anxiety, cognitive disorders, joint issues or skin problems. 

Obesity Management

We have a variety of weight loss plans to help your beloved pet reach their ideal weight. Just like people, some of our four legged friends do better on certain diets than others.

Would you like some more information about the diets we carry and pet nutrition?

Hills Prescription Diets

Hills Healthy Advantage Diets

Royal Canin Diets

Pet Food Association of Canada 

Pet Identification

Proper identification for your dog or cat is an essential part of responsible pet ownership. There are a variety of types of pet identification. The staff at Foothills Animal Hospital can help you decide what one(s) would best fit your wants and needs. We offer customized Pet ID tags, engraved at the clinic in a matter of minutes, tattooing and microchipping. Life is stressful; don’t let a lost loved one be part of it.



Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Always friendly and courteous"
    donm, Okotoks
  • "Everyone is very professional, friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. Overall we are very pleased with the service and care Pete received and would recommend taking your fur babies to see them anytime."
  • "Excellent service.Friendly staff.
    Show kindness and consideration of the animals."
    aliceh, Okotoks
  • "I was so amazed on how accommodating they were and they staff was friendly and helpful."
    Allisonk, Calgary
  • "The staff at Foothills are always very accommodating and super friendly, our dogs feel very comfortable when we take them into the clinic as well, that means and tells us the most about the total atmosphere at Foothills Animal Hospital."
    Dong Okotoks

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