Dental disease is the most common, most diagnosed, most often-recognized health problem we see in our companion animals. Eighty-five percent of all dogs and cats three years of age and older have some degree of dental disease that requires treatment and/or preventative care.

Foothills Animal Hospital offers dental examinations, dental cleanings using the Pet Piezo scaling unit, charting of oral health, subgingival cleaning using hand instruments, polishing using a low speed polisher, local anaesthetics for pain control, digital dental radiology (xrays) and dental extractions. 

Why is Dr. Logan recommending my pet get a dental?

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  • "Always friendly and courteous"
    donm, Okotoks
  • "Everyone is very professional, friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. Overall we are very pleased with the service and care Pete received and would recommend taking your fur babies to see them anytime."
  • "Excellent service.Friendly staff.
    Show kindness and consideration of the animals."
    aliceh, Okotoks
  • "I was so amazed on how accommodating they were and they staff was friendly and helpful."
    Allisonk, Calgary
  • "The staff at Foothills are always very accommodating and super friendly, our dogs feel very comfortable when we take them into the clinic as well, that means and tells us the most about the total atmosphere at Foothills Animal Hospital."
    Dong Okotoks

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